Many of us already stick our feet out from under the blanket when we're trying to fall asleep, but now there's scientific proof that it actually helps!

According to the Science of Us Sleep Institute, your feet have a lot to do with your body temperature. When your body is warm, you are more alert, which is why it's harder to fall asleep. The key is cooling down your body, and feet are the perfect venue! Sticking your feet out from under the covers is actually the perfect solution! Check out the video on the subject, made by NY Mag:

It's kind of funny that I came across this video today, because last night I had to put cold washcloths on my feet in order to fall asleep. I absolutely cannot sleep when my feet are hot! I stick them out of the covers, I blow a fan on them, and I absolutely NEVER wear socks.

How do you sleep? Do you stick your feet out and keep them cool? Or do you love sleeping in socks? Let us know in the comments!