A one-of-a-kind attraction is nearly ready to open in Iowa that will attract thrill seekers from the Midwest and beyond!

Axios reports that an all-weather tubing hill is set to open in Iowa on May 25th, and the complex will be the largest tubing hill of its kind in the world! The new hill will be part of the Sleepy Hollow Sports Complex near the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines.

Sleepy Hollow is a 76-acre sports complex that features golf and winter sports activities and has been open for decades, according to Axios. But the addition of this huge, new tubing hill is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to Iowa every year. Just take a look at how huge this hill is!

So what makes this gigantic tubing hill in Iowa so special? First of all, it is coated in Snowflex. Axios reports that Snoflex is a slick, springy material designed for both speed and the safety of the rider. During warmer weather months in Iowa, water nozzles will shoot water over the 600-foot slope. During the winter, snow will be used on the surface. There will also be an uphill lift to carry you and your inner tube back up the hill!

Axios reports that only tubing will be allowed at Sleepy Hollow for the first few months of operation. Then in June and July, skiing and snowboarding will be added to the schedule. Yes, skiing and snowboarding in Iowa during the summer!

Admission for the world's largest all-weather tubing hill will be $14 for two hours and that includes tube rental and a lift pass, according to Axios. Summer season passes will also be available next month. Who's ready to go tubing?

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