It's so accurate that it hurts!

As someone who moved to Iowa from a different state, I've been asked all sorts of interesting questions about my new home over the past (almost) ten years. Sometimes it gets a little irritating answering the same questions over and over, but then I remember that I would've probably asked the same questions before I moved here...

Erin Miller is a 34-year-old content creator that posts videos under the account overthemoonfaraway. Most of her videos focus on nostalgic millennial content, but she recently posted a video that is incredibly relatable to Iowans! The video's caption reads:

"When someone who's never been to the Midwest asks where I'm from"

Give the video a watch and tell us if any of this conversation sounds familiar to you:


Folks from other states are sharing their similar experiences in the comments on Erin's Instagram video. There are complaints from people in the Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Idaho, Washington, New Mexico... even small town California!

In a 2023 interview with Tubefilter, Erin revealed that she is from the state of Iowa, but currently lives in San Diego. A comment on her Instagram video clarifies that she hails from Davenport. Erin started making videos back in 2014 and has gained a HUGE following over the years. Her Instagram has around 854K followers and her TikTok has about 2.5 MILLION!

Erin isn't the only social media influencer that's a native of Iowa. Other popular accounts with Iowa roots include the account thescumbagdad, Gucci the Cowbenhouselog, itsmrfinn, and more. Iowa Chill also posts some hilarious and relatable Iowa content! Who is your favorite content creator from Iowa? Let us know by sending us a message on the station app!

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