Most people are aware of the effect that Henry Ford had on the automobile industry. His iconic Model T revolutionized travel allowing millions of Americans to be mobile. But many don't know that Ford also revolutionized air travel in the United States. After World War I Ford introduced the Tri-Motor 4 AT-E, allowing Americans to fly the friendly skies!

The plane is affectionately known as the 'Tin Goose' and a refurbished model of the airplane will be making a stop for tours and flights in Cedar Rapids this June. reports that the historic airplane will be at The Eastern Iowa Airport from June 6th through the 9th with flights running continuously during the day. You can register for a flight aboard the Tri-Motor 4 AT-E HERE. Flights cost $99 for adults and $75 for children 17 and under.

When the plane began flights in the mid-1920s the focus was on comfort. EAA reports that the planes featured enclosed cabins and large windows for passengers to view the land below. Compare that to the tiny windows on today's commercial airlines. The Ford Motor Company produced 199 Tri-Motor planes serving as cropdusters and carrying firefighters and smoke jumpers.

When the plane visits Cedar Rapids this June, flights can hold eight passengers at a time. Every seat is a window seat and you are encouraged to bring a camera for some fantastic views of the Iowa landscape below. Take a step back in time, and prepare for travel aboard one of the first great commercial airplanes.

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