There are just some houses you feel too poor to even look at and one Illinois mansion on the market fits that.

Take a second and just mentally Google the word "mansion". What do you think of? For me it's a big, elaborate house with tons of rooms I'd never use, and everything is either marble or rich mahogany.

The mental picture I get from the word "mansion" is literally the exterior and interior of a $30 million behemoth that's for sale in Illinois.

Here's what I mean. Look at the outside of it from the street:


I'm not even in the income bracket to breathe near this place. But here's what to know about it from the Zillow listing, if you happen to have $30 million to invest in some property.

It's at 1932 N Burling Street in Chicago. And you have to see the beautiful view of the skyline it has. The mansion is 6 bedroom, eleven bathrooms, and 25,000 square feet. It's listed as a single-family residence so if you really didn't want to share a bathroom with your sibling, you really wouldn't have to. It was built in 2010, has natural gas, forced air, central air, and 3 attached garage spaces. It has gardens with fountains, outdoor seating areas in the garden and on the terraces, several different parlors, and even a wine cellar. If you climb to the top of the mansion, that's where you'll see the lovely view of the Chicago skyline.

Scroll down to see pictures of the Chicago mansion!

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