Did you think they were done exploding the old bridge over the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities?

Over the last several months, crews have been taking down the old I-74 bridge. In June, crews let loose on the first explosion of the bridge, then there was another in August and one in October.

It has been a series of booms to make this bridge go down and this one is expected to get rid of the last large piece of the bridge.

One More Boom

According to a release from Iowa DOT, crews plan to explode the bridge at the Moline anchorage on Sunday, Feb. 18th around 7:00 a.m.

Like the other explosions, the new bridge will close temporarily as the explosion happens and traffic on the river will be impacted.

For the river traffic, Iowa DOT says the main navigation channel in the river will be closed for up to 24 hours, starting at 6 a.m. on Feb. 18. Areas outside the main navigation channel will be closed for up to 12 hours.

Both the traffic and pedestrian parts of the new I-74 bridge will be closed for about an hour. Thru traffic will be detoured to I-80 & I-280, while local traffic will be sent across Centennial Bridge.

If you want to watch the explosion, you're advised to watch the explosion online at Iowa DOT's website. You can watch last fall's explosion here:

They think this will be the final part of the bridge removal that uses explosives. You can get more details about the detours this weekend on Iowa DOT's website.

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