You don't see a sky sight like this every day. A backyard camera in Missouri captured video of a humongous meteor as it was exploding in the skies over Iowa.

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Dan Bush of Missouri Skies on YouTube just shared this video captured in Albany, Missouri. The camera appears to be facing to the north when a massive space rock can be seen burning up in the atmosphere.

missouriskies via YouTube
missouriskies via YouTube

The meteor first becomes visible in the middle of the screen before it explodes. Dan Bush shared the color and black and white version of this video so you can see it happen in motion.

According to the American Meteor Society website, this large meteor was seen in multiple states including Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois and Nebraska. It's not often that you see a meteor with such a debris trail like this one. The fact that it was visible over such a large region also gives you an idea of how big it really was.

This is another example of why I consider Missouri Skies a must-follow on YouTube if you enjoy interesting sky phenomena. They frequently share interesting videos like this one.

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