A high-traffic bridge will close for 4 months this year.

My least favorite bridge in the Quad Cities will be out of commission for several months. The Rock Island Arsenal bridge (or Government Bridge) will be closed starting in March for 4 months and the reason why will probably make you roll your eyes.


Rock Island Arsenal Director of Public Affairs Donald Wrenn told WHBF that work on a roundabout on the Davenport side is expected to start March 18th. It will involve closing the bridge to traffic for at least 4 months.

The roundabout will be right there at 2nd & LeClaire, where the bridge lets out.

We all hate roundabouts because they can be a mess. It always seems like people just forget how to drive when they enter a roundabout. Dam View bartender Alyson Leland agrees, telling the outlet:

It does seem kind of weird that they’ll just stick one right there. I don’t know that they really need it. I think it can possibly improve the flow of traffic but that’s assuming everybody knows how to use a round-a-bout correctly.

Downtown businesses near the bridge are concerned what closing it for 4 months could do to their business and how it could impact their sales. Meanwhile, the Iowa DOT argues that roundabouts have benefits, like these stats:

  • 90% reduction in fatal crashes
  • 76% reduction in injury crashes
  • 30-40% less pedestrian crashes
  • 10% less bicycle crashes

They also list "increased landscaping opportunities" as another benefit, so take that info nugget as you will.

Personally, the metal grates on the bridge have always stressed me out and now with a roundabout, I'll definitely just stick to the 74 bridge, thanks.

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