There is a weird phenomenon that has been going on for decades in Minnesota and Iowa.  Today, this trend has multiplied into an out-of-control mess and for some reason, we just can't stop.

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Why Do People In Minnesota and Iowa Have More Than One of These 15 Items?

No one really knows why people in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois tend to "collect" some items more than others.  Now, I'm not talking about your forks, blankets, or the items that you truly need more than one of each day.  These are the items that you really could just toss or recycle...or NOT BUY IN THE FIRST PLACE because you already have one.  But nope, we just keep collecting until our storage areas are so full that we can't close them.

I dare you to walk into a house in one of these states and go through cabinets and drawers to see what you can find.  I bet that you will find at least 9 of the 15 items below in duplicate.  You might even find these in your own house.

Not sure why, but people in Minnesota and Wisconsin have more than one of these 15 items.

If you walk through a house in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Iowa, there is a very good chance that you will see some items more than once. Yes, we are talking about those duplicates that we have that we aren't always sure why...but we just have a tough time getting rid of the extras.

Gallery Credit: Jessica Williams

The old food've got one at your house right now, don't you, just waiting for some leftovers to fill it up?

What's another item that should be added to this list that we have duplicates of that are hiding in cabinets and drawers?

Is anything else showing up in our houses in duplicates?  If I missed one, let me know over on our app - just hit chat.  You can even leave me a voicemail there too.

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