Summer officially arrives in the City of Five Seasons on Father's Day and NewBo City Market is welcoming a half dozen new shops, as the season changes.

According to a media release from NewBo, all the new shops will be open by the time June is over, and most of them already are. The shops feature everything from ice cream to services like tech support. Here are the new shops, and what each offers.

  • Torch Kitchen: The shop actually opened its doors at NewBo back on May 29. It's a family-operated restaurant based in Iowa and has bite-size cuisine like sliders and fried dumplings.
  • The Hangry Lady: Opened on June 3 and has flavorful food with a healthy twist. Meal prep and catering services are available.
  • Luna Gelato and Ice Cream: Opened on June 3, it has regional gelato and ice cream to cool you off and hit that sweet spot. The owners of Aroma Artisan Pizza are running this new shop.
  • Grandma's Root Cellar: Opened on June 3, they have jams and everything from cucumber pickles to hot sauce, kimchi, tepache, and kombucha.
  • WeDream Technical Solutions: Also opened on June 3, and offers PC repair and help for any computer problems you may have.
  • Prairie Soup Company: Opening sometime in the middle of June, it will be Prairie Soup's second Cedar Rapids location. They're also located in the skywalk level of Plaza 425 in downtown Cedar Rapids. The made-fresh menu includes six soups each day. They also offer wraps, salads, and more.

When Prairie Soup opens, NewBo City Market will have welcomed nine new businesses so far this year. The market, which opened after the historic Cedar Rapids flood of 2008, is located at 1100 3rd St. SE in Cedar Rapids.

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