I've always enjoyed wearing a little bit of cologne. Smelling good can't be a bad thing, right? I have a couple different fragrances that I'll wear depending on the season. I'm not sure how many guys do the whole cologne thing. Sometimes I think all the choices can be confusing. What smells good? What will women like? How much is too much? A new fragrance company is trying to make things a little easier. Guys, how would you like to smell like a kitten?

"the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort from just behind a kitten's neck".  Who wouldn't want to smell like a kitten? What woman could resist that?

The company also offers scents like 'Popcorn', 'Giant Sequoia', 'New Baby', and my personal favorite, 'Gin and Tonic'. Make mine a double, please. You can check out and order your favorite scent HERE.


[via USA Today]

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