Kitten season is apparently in full swing! Safe Haven of Iowa County, an animal rescue organization that we work with for Furry Fridays, posted some photos to their Facebook page this week, and they were pretty hard to ignore! The photos featured some adorable little kittens, but the caption is what really caught my eye. It reads:

"In the last two days we have had two mommas give birth to five kittens each. And lets not forget our Lou Lou who had five of her own and took in five orphaned kittens. Yep, folks - that is a total of twenty kittens. So we are asking for your help. Any donations of Purina kitten chow, KMR milk replacement, and canned Friskies wet food would be much appreciated. We have to keep the nursing mommas well feed and Lou Lou's brood are old enough now and have started eating on their own. Thank you for all your contributions and continued support!"

If you would like to help out these mommas and babies by donating some of the requested items, Safe Haven is open to the public on Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. They also noted that some of the kittens are available to reserve now, but they won't be able to be taken home for about four more weeks. The others are too young to have visitors just yet, but will be available to adopt in the future!

I wish so bad that I wasn't super allergic to cats, because these babies are just the cutest! For more information on Safe Haven, including contact information, click HERE!

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