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A mother will do anything for her young. It goes for humans, and it goes for cats. We got to meet this sweet lady this week on Furry Friday, and her name is Eddamamma. This loving cat gave birth to a litter of kittens, and watched them all get adopted and head to new homes. Meanwhile, mom is still at SAINT Cat Rescue in Cedar Rapids patiently waiting for someone to come and take her home.

Eddamamma is a sweet, tiger striped cat with big loving green eyes. They stare right into your soul, as if asking you, why don't you take me home? She gets along with other cats just fine. She is a bit shy to newcomers, but once she warms up, she's your friend for life. And she's an empty nester! All her kids have left and gone to other homes, so she is left alone to spend her time waiting for someone to come and adopt her!

You can visit Eddamamma at SAINT Cat Rescue in Cedar Rapids. Visit their website to fill out an application and start the adoption process! She would make such a loving companion for someone who also lives alone, or for a family looking to add a pet to the equation! With the weather this cold, she'd no doubt be a great cuddle buddy on the couch or with you in bed!

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