Our pets are named after a variety of different things. The most popular is probably TV and movie characters. My dog Rigby is named after a character on the cartoon 'Regular Show'. Our 'Furry Friday' dog this week is named Shenzi, and she is named after a character from the movie 'The Lion King'. I'm sure you remember the three hyenas in the film. Their names were Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed. Our dog Shenzi has two siblings that are also named after those very same characters. They've found homes, and how it's her turn! Shenzi is a hound, lab mix. She has those great floppy ears combined with a little bit longer coat. She is very well behaved and gets along with other dogs. She was super sweet in our studios and gave out plenty of kisses to her new friends!

If you'd like to bring Shenzi home, she is available for adoption at Safe Haven of Iowa County. She'd love to become a member of your family!

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