Over the last several days, you undoubtedly noticed Danielle has disappeared from the workday shift on KHAK. You probably were also thinking, 'I bet she had her baby.' She sure did.

Danielle and her husband Josh welcomed their second child into the world on Friday, September 17. The little one arrived at 9:59 a.m. One minute before her mom typically goes on the radio each weekday. She entered the world at 7-pounds 3-ounces and 19 and 3/4 inches long. She has blue eyes and dark blonde/light brown hair.

I'm very happy to report that Danielle had a relatively easy birth this time around. It wasn't the 27-hour marathon she went through when her son, Weston, was born last summer. She told me she started having contractions about 4 a.m. on the morning of September 17. They really started to kick in shortly after, and she and Josh arrived at the hospital at about 6:30. When the little one was finally ready to say hello to mom and dad, Danielle said she pushed for just six minutes. I know other moms are jealous of that, but I feel like she was due this after what she went through the first time around.

What to name the little bundle of joy proved to be difficult. Danielle and Josh had it down to two names and she thought for sure when she saw her she would know which to choose, immediately. It didn't turn out to be quite that simple with Danielle actually deciding on the name when it came time to fill out the birth certificate when leaving the hospital. Let me introduce you to Karter Rose:

Danielle's Baby Karter Rose

Oh, and please join me in congratulating Josh and Danielle on their 3rd wedding anniversary today. Clearly, they have a lot to celebrate.

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