We get dogs of all shapes and sizes that come to see us on 'Furry Fridays'. But we've never had one as large and in charge as Leo! Leo is a three-year-old Collie, Great Pyrenees mix which means he's a big boy. In fact, at 90 pounds, he weighs more than one of my kids! But don't let the size fool you. Leo was a gentleman when he visited the KHAK studio. He's been working with a trainer and is very proficient at sitting, shaking, and getting his belly scratched. Leo would do best in a home where he is the only dog present. Because of his size, larger children would also be recommended.

Leo is available for adoption at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids. If you do end up adopting him he also comes with some free additional training! He may be a big dog, but he has a big heart and would love to come live with your family!

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