There are some kisses that are allowed in basketball. The ball 'kissing' off the glass and going through the hoop. But there are also some kisses that aren't permitted. Just ask Iowa's, Payton Sandfort.

The Iowa men got a much-needed Big Ten road victory over Indiana on Tuesday night. The Hawkeyes had four players in double figures, including another strong shooting night from Payton Sandfort. Sandfort was money from three-point range all night long. Iowa shot 57% as a team from three. But it was a shot late in the game and Sandfort's actions that caused the refs to hit him with a technical foul. Sandfort hit a three-point shot and as he turned up court, he decided to blow a kiss to the Indiana fans.

Sandfort was hit with a technical foul, for what I can only imagine the ref thought was taunting. But Sandfort wasn't directing his kiss to the Indiana players. That would be taunting. Sandfort was blowing a kiss to the Indiana fans and the student section, who no doubt had been giving it to all the Iowa players the entire game. So did Sandfort deserve the technical foul?

Listen, emotions run high during sporting events. And if you've been hearing it from belligerent fans all night it's hard to hold back. There are other gestures Sandfort could've made that would have been far more offensive than just blowing them a kiss. But something else in me says, 'act like you've been there.' Sandfort has hit bigger threes in his Iowa career than that one late against Indiana. Just cue up the Michigan State game for your answer. But it's hard to be too mad at a player having fun playing a game. What do you think? Technical worthy?

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