Every week we honor another awesome teacher in the local area with our ‘Teacher of the Week’ award!

Congratulations to Nancy Francque, a teacher at Tiffin Elementary School in Tiffin! She is this week’s ‘Teacher of the Week!” She was nominated by Stacy Koenighain, and here’s what she had to say:

"I cannot tell you how WONDERFUL of a teacher Ms. Francque is! My son is in 4th grade at Tiffin Elementary and has selective mutism (an anxiety disorder). Nancy has done EVERYTHING she can to make sure he is happy and comfortable in school. And, because of her, he has began to speak at school, which is a HUGE milestone for him, and he enjoys going to school. She always has his back and he knows it. When he is scared or upset he knows just who to find: Ms. Francque. I cannot tell you as a parent how great it is to know your child is being cared for in the same way you would do yourself. It makes going to work a whole lot easier for me. Thank you Nancy!!!"

For being an amazing teacher, Nancy will be receiving gift cards from Wild Hogs in Walford and Kathy’s Pies!

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