If you aren't familiar with the world of esports you better get acquainted quickly. Esports are video games where individuals or teams compete against each other. Thousands of spectators often watch the matches. Soon, Eastern Iowa will have its first esports arena in the Corridor!

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that a company based in Burlington, Iowa is planning on building the Corridor's first Esports facility in Coralville. The city agreed this week with Lucky Pete LLC to build the new arena. The Gazette reports that the facility will sit west of Lowe's at 2701 2nd Street, north of Highway 6.

The plan for the building is for it to be both an auditorium for people to watch esports competitions and also a place where people can play video games for fun, according to the Gazette. Coralville City Administrator Kelly Hayworth told the Gazette that the arena would "give people the chance to experience something they don't presently have."

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To attract the project to Coralville, the Gazette reports the Coralville City Council agreed to provide the company with a 15-year 100% tax abatement. The contractor and developer of the project are said to be working out the final details. The cost and completion date of the arena are not being released.

The Gazette reports that interest in esports is booming. Iowa City West has joined the Iowa High School Esports Association. The University of Iowa and Iowa State both have esports teams. If you get good enough you can even earn an esports scholarship! Maybe a few more video games won't be so bad for your kids after all!

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