An 18-year-old central Iowa man has been arrested after chasing two people with a metal baseball bat, while dressed in a clown costume.

It was just last week that creepy clowns were first reported in Iowa. Tuesday afternoon around 12:30, Urbandale police responded to numerous calls from residents about a man wearing a clown mask. The callers believed he was possibly carrying a machete and chasing two people.

When police arrived, they found a clown mask and metal baseball bat and arrested Jacob Steil of West Des Moines. He faces two counts of assault with a weapon.

Urbandale police warn residents to be vigilant and report anything suspicious.

Meanwhile, police in Dartmouth, Massachusetts put out this video showing their zero tolerance policy when it comes to these, shall we say, characters. While it's humorous, it also gets the point across. Clowning around is fun. Doing it in a threatening way or with weapons is just plain stupid. It not only puts others at risk, but the aggressor as well. It will also you arrested.

[via Des Moines Register]