We've sure got some talented folks here in the Hawkeye state. That has become clear once again, as we have another Iowa native on a popular singing competition.

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We've had Iowans on several major television shows: The Voice, Survivor, Shark Tank, and of course American Idol (with champ Maddie Poppe). And that's just to name a few. The tradition continues as James Tutson, a resident of Iowa City, was just featured on The Voice.

Tutson, who's a dad of two, was hoping that being on the Voice would change things for his family. He shot his shot with a "laid-back" performance of "Beyond" by Leon Bridges. Watch his audition below:

As you saw, the performance may have been just a little too laid-back for the coaches. Unfortunately, Tutson did not get a chair turn and will not be moving forward on the Voice. He seemed to take the judges comments and critiques well, so we could always see him back next year. And we hope we do!

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