Exhale everyone. Ok, do it again. That was quite a ride, the final hour of 'American Idol.' Ok, now CELEBRATE! Clarksville, Iowa's Maddie Poppe is THE WINNER of 'American Idol.'

I have to tell you when Caleb Lee Hutchinson was named as the first of the final two, I almost needed paddles to restart my heart. I made no secret of the fact earlier today that I thought he would be on the outside looking in tonight. Then, we find out Caleb and Maddie are dating. You can see that announcement in the video below. It happens before they begin performing together.

Ok, I DID NOT see that coming. No wonder Maddie said this earlier in the show: (I'm kidding!)

Maddie Instagram @maddiepoppe

Congratulations, Maddie, and thank you. What a wonderful spring you've made this for so many of us. We feel like we've been on this crazy ride with you, even though we know that couldn't be further from the truth.

On this night that Maddie and a huge part of Iowa celebrates, we take you back to Maddie's very first public appearance. It's been a long ride for Maddie already, but it is only just beginning!

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