Decorating for Halloween can go one of two directions. Some people, including myself, will put up a few decorations to get ready for the holiday. Others, go all out. They install fake cemeteries, witches hanging from trees, and even a coffin on the porch! I've actually hidden inside a coffin but that's another story. But a farm in rural Illinois has taken their Halloween display to a whole new level!

The display we speak of has gone viral in the past several weeks. It's near the town of Walnut, Illinois which is about a two-hour drive from Cedar Rapids in case you're interested in making the trek to see it. It features tons of stuffed dummies dressed up like nearly anything you can imagine. Gravediggers, zombies, Leatherface, werewolves, Frankenstein just to name a few! Check it out!

And that's the tour during daylight! Imagine what it would be like during the darkness of night! The display even features a fake cemetery. If you can make the drive to Walnut, Illinois, you won't be disappointed!

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