I was in that familiar midst of the mundane last week--grocery shopping in my local Hy-Vee. My weekly trips to the grocery store chain don't evoke much reaction, unless they're out of my preferred brand of cereal or something. Last week was different, though.

I was strolling through the bakery section, deciding whether to indulge my sweet tooth with a confectionery impulse buy, when I noticed this:

Chad Cooper

Yes, that's an attempt to draw Iowa's famous tiger-hawk logo on a cake. In my analysis, things were going OK with the beak, started to slip with the head, and then derailed when it was time to draw the bottom wattle portion. Iowa is pretty protective of the tiger-hawk and its usage, so maybe this was an attempt to skirt any copyright issues?

This is all in good fun, and I certainly had a good laugh. They tried, and sometimes, that's all that matters. My only regret is that I didn't end up buying the cake.

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