There is no doubt that the Big Ten is the best conference in college basketball this year. But games like Iowa's at Indiana on Sunday should be won by teams trying to capture a Big Ten title. Instead, Iowa sees another second half lead evaporate, and a once promising season begin to slide.

Iowa lost to Indiana for the second time in just 17 days on Sunday, 67-65. The Cedar Rapids Gazette points out that the loss drops Iowa to 6th place in the Big Ten at 7-5. Five games ago they sat at 6-1. Things feel a bit differently now, don't they? Hoosier sophomore Armaan Franklin hit a jumper over Joe Wieskamp for the win. The Gazette points out that before that shot, Franklin was 1 for 9.

Fans will no doubt complain about the officiating on Sunday too. Iowa had nine fouls in the first half compared to Indiana's three, according to the Gazette. Luka Garza picked up foul number two with 12:30 left in the first half. He sat the rest of the half. Garza called the foul call "50/50" call, but noted that he just can't put the team in that position. But despite all this, Iowa rallied to take the lead back in the second half, going up 45-35 with 14:30 left in the game.

But the offense sputtered down the stretch, allowing the Hoosiers a shot at the win. A shot they made. Despite the recent troubles, this season isn't over for Iowa. This team does have too much talent to keep playing like this. They just have to figure out how to play defense and offense the same game. It can be done. Hang in there Hawkeye Nation.

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