Chances are that during this time of self-isolation you've probably spent plenty of time on the couch watching Netflix and eating whatever you can find in your cabinets. Mustering up the energy to workout can be tough, especially when you're trapped in your home. But what if I told you your workout regimen was only 4 seconds long?

The New York Times was the first to report on what's called 'The 4 Second Workout'. And before you laugh it off, this workout was actually backed up by the journal 'Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise'. Researchers wanted to know if super short bursts of exercise did your body any good. So they made people sit for six straight hours and then put them on a stationary bike.

They were told to peddle as fast as they could for 4 seconds, rest for 45 seconds, and repeat those steps five times. Each participant did it once an hour for eight hours throughout the day. Sounds like a lot right? But it only adds up to 2 minutes and 40 seconds of actual exercise per day.

The results? When doctors tested their blood the next day, their triglycerides were 30% lower than the day before, and their metabolism had jumped so they were burning more calories by doing nothing! All with a workout that lasts for 4 seconds.


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