There is no greater joy as a parent than watching your kids accomplish something they set out to do. Our youngest, 9-year-old Cayleigh, has had to sit and watch her older brother and sister whiz up and down the streets and sidewalks of Marion on their bikes. She had a bike with training wheels that she rode when she was smaller, and also rode around on a scooter. Last fall I took off her training wheels in an effort to jumpstart the process. It didn't work. But last night it finally all clicked.

Holly told Cayleigh after dinner that she was going to ride her bike and that was that. Cayleigh put on her helmet and the two of them began practicing in front of the house. I watched from the porch and Cayleigh was definitely making progress. Then she asked dad to give her a push. I held on to the back of the seat and guided her down the sidewalk. Then, I let go. She was off. Peddling on her own down past the neighbors. By the end of the night, she was riding all over the place!

Holly and I stood there and watched all three of our kids ride around the neighborhood last night. It was another milestone. All three were mobile. I still think of Cayleigh as our baby. I probably always will. So to see her grow up and accomplish things is another reminder of how fast time goes by. Today she's riding a bike. Tomorrow she'll graduate.

The hardest part for any parent teaching the child how to ride a bike? The same with any aspect of your kids growing up. The letting go.

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