Whenever I go to major cities like Nashville or Detroit, I always see a group of rowdy people (typically girls) riding around the downtown streets on a giant bike. It looks like a lot of fun, but I've never had to opportunity to do it... until now.

This morning I discovered on Facebook that Cedar Rapids officially has its first Pedal Pub! Called the "DoubleTree Express," it's the first of its kind here in Eastern Iowa, and it's run through the DoubleTree by Hilton in Downtown Cedar Rapids. The bike can fit up to 14 people, with pedals at 10 of the 14 seats. The bike can be rented anytime, not just weekends, and will run you $350 + tax for a 2-hour time slot.

Because of the laws here in Iowa, you aren't able to drink alcoholic beverages while actually riding the DoubleTree Express, but you can make stops at one of the many, MANY bars/restaurants in the downtown area over the course of the two-hours, where there will be plenty of alcohol to consume!

Our own Danielle recently celebrated her bachelorette party in Nashville and she LOVED her Pedal Pub experience! Let's hope the one in Cedar Rapids is just as fun!

Cindy Knebel
Cindy Knebel

For more info or to make a reservation for the DoubleTree Express, you can call 319-731-4486.

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