Sometimes I think pets have more personality than people!

Almost a week ago, I adopted a dog from Last Hope Animal Rescue. His (new) name is Tater Tot aka Tate, and he's an almost 4-year-old pug/Jack Russell terrier mix. The past few days we've spent a lot of time getting to know each other and learning each other's habits, and he's got one that cracks me up!

Tate LOVES watching TV. I know he doesn't fully understand what's going on, but he sits and intently watches whatever program I'm watching. I know he's paying attention because if there's even a glimpse of a dog on the screen, he loses his mind. I had Arrested Development on the other night while I was falling asleep, when he woke me up suddenly with his barking. I was startled and confused... until I realized that there was a golden retriever on the screen. Now I have to be really careful about what I'm watching when I'm trying to relax!

Our family dog Charles never barks at the TV, but he does have a funny habit when he's ready to go to bed! He will find a pillow and fling it around until he gets tired, and then he falls asleep with it in his mouth. It's actually pretty adorable if you don't think about how much my mom spends on pillows every year!

Do you have a pet with a funny or unusual habit? We got some great responses from listeners on Facebook this week:

WEIRD: Eastern Iowa Pets With Unusual Habits

Here are some more funny pet habits that we dug up in the comments.

  • Vickie Ken Winke - "I have always had a dog as a pet up until 6 years ago. I have a cat named Zoey. Not knowing what "to do" with a cat, I taught her tricks like a dog. My Zoey sits, shakes hands, high fives, lays down, sits up, and rolls over. She does these on command for a treat, of course."
  • Holly Coats - "My dog rolls around on the carpet and under blankets to build up a static charge to shock you with his nose. Over and over and over again. Drives me nuts! If he can't find bare skin to shock someone, he'll find a piece of metal to shock instead. He also knows that in the winter he can shock easier (dry air). I get a small reprieve in the summer when he can't build the static as easily."
  • Alexandria Marie Wonders - "My dog cut his paw really bad when he was a puppy and of course, I babied him. Well, now when he is in trouble for chasing a car or picking on the cat, he will fake limp. Also, his favorite treat was burnt popcorn. Wouldn't eat it unless it was burnt."
  • Jenn Bullock - "We give our 2 dogs Kong balls with peanut butter most evenings, and they take them into separate rooms of the house to enjoy them. Then, when they're both finished, the younger one comes and waits next to the dining room table until the other one gets up, and they switch rooms and Kong balls, checking to make sure the other one didn't leave any trace of peanut butter behind. It's their ritual. Every. Single. Time."
  • Nikki Eichmeyer - "One of my cats loves to find hair ties and random stuff and carry them to his food dish. He will leave it in his dish and just eat around it."
  • Kristy Richards - "My cat eats potato chips. Every time he hears the crinkle of a bag he comes running and if you don’t give him a piece he will sit next to you and try to take one out of the bag."

Does your pet have any strange habits? Share your stories (and photos) with us in the comments!

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