We've seen our share of closed retailers already this year. Gander Mountain (When Gander Mountain will open is northeast Cedar Rapids store is still not known), Payless, and K-Mart here in Cedar Rapids have all shut down due to the failing retail market. And many more are on the road to doing the same.

With this pattern, you'd think that they were all doomed. But here's some good news! There are some that actually have a good shot at surviving. Time.com reported that the following retailers could actually make it through the "retail apocalypse".

  • David McNew, Getty Images
    David McNew, Getty Images

    T.J. Maxx

    This store is known for selling name brand goods at discount prices. And that strategy seems to be paying off for them! Time Money reported that the stores sales increased 3% to $7.8 billion in the first quarter of the year and that they have opened 65 new stores!

  • Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
    Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

    Dollar General

    This store is one that continues to grow. They've had "$5.61 billion in sales during the first quarter of 2017" and opened 1,000 stores this year, according to Time Money. That's more than any other retailer!

  • Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images
    Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images


    You apparently can never have too much makeup! The Time article states that this chain has opened 70 stores this year AND continues to show "record revenue growth".

  • Tim Boyle, Getty Images
    Tim Boyle, Getty Images


    Nordstrom is still going strong, which is more than some of its declining competitors like JCPenney can say. Time reports that Nordstrom has seen a "2.7% increase in sales last quarter and opened 17 new stores". Way to go Nordstrom!

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