It seems as though retailers everywhere have been dropping like flies in 2017. And if trends continue, there could be more to go broke and close up shop this year.

Iowa has seen its share of fallen retailers already this year. Gander Mountain, K-Mart, and Payless have all closed locations in 2017.

According to an article on Palm Beach Post the credit consulting service, F&D reports, states there are 34 retailers that could be closing this year due to poor sales and high overhead. Many of these stores are right here in eastern Iowa. Here's a list of businesses that could be affected in our area.

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3

    Noodles and Co.

  • 4


  • 5


  • 6

    Toys R Us

  • 7

    Tuesday Morning

  • 8

    Guitar Center

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