One of the biggest announcements this week that had to deal with coronavirus was that most Iowa schools would be shutting down for at least the next four weeks. Parents everywhere wondered about things like childcare and meals for their kids. The Granite City restaurant in Cedar Rapids has announced it wants to help with some free lunch!

In a statement on the restaurant's Facebook page, Granite City says that it understands the challenges that families in the area are facing due to shutdowns and closures. They go on to say that if you are concerned about your child getting lunch, that you can contact them. They will provide any child a free lunch that includes a turkey sandwich, chips, and applesauce. The meal is completely free and no other purchase is necessary. Just ask for a manager and they'll make sure the meal is prepared.

The deal is valid at the Cedar Rapids Granite City location only. What an amazing thing for this restaurant to do. Something simple like this will make sure kids don't go hungry, and will help us all through this ordeal a little bit faster.

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