This weekend was Halloween weekend (for those of us who can't celebrate on a Wednesday night), which is easily one of my favorite weekends of the year! Friday night I hosted a Halloween-themed game night at my apartment, but Saturday night was costume night. I attended the 4th Annual Cedar Rapids Haunted Halloween Ball at the DoubleTree Convention Complex and it was AWESOME.

The main reason I go to the Haunted Halloween Ball is for the costumes. Since there are several costume contest with major prizes, people really go all out. My favorites of the night included the Spice "Grohls," several different Beetlejuice variations, the crew that all went as memorable SNL characters, and the cast of Game of Thrones. My friends were actually selected to be in the costume contest with their Colonel Sanders/chicken couples costume!


I was very excited to finally debut my costume on Saturday. I went as Dobby the House Elf from Harry Potter, but I made the entire costume myself. That may not seem like much, but I don't know how to sew, so the fact that I somehow managed to turn a sheet into a dress was a miracle. I even turned an old black sock into a wristlet to carry around my stuff. A lot of people didn't know who I was, but the people who did loved it, because they're obviously big Harry Potter fans like I am!


I'm already throwing around costume ideas for next year and Halloween hasn't even officially happened yet! Do you have costume photos from this weekend? Share them in the comments!