[ORIGINAL STORY] A popular tree that has brought a lot of joy and visitors to Jones County has become a topic of discussion for a different reason. I fear it could mean the end is near for the tree that's been decorated and enjoyed by tons of people.

The "Hula Hoop Tree" as it's become known, is just what it sounds like. A tree filled with hula hoops. Just how the first couple hula hoops got on the tree several years ago is a topic of debate but one thing is for sure... tons of hula hoops have been tossed onto the tree in the years since. I would hate to try to count them. These photos were taken just a couple weeks ago:

The tree is located along County Road E23 in Amber in Jones County, east of Highway 151.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Now, according to a post on the tree's Facebook page, the Jones County Board of Supervisors is set to discuss "liability concerns regarding the Hula Hoop Tree" at their meeting Tuesday, September 10 at 9:45 a.m.:

Admittedly, the Hula Hoop Tree is an oak tree that's been dead for years which is likely the reason for at least part of the liability concerns. The tree survived an arsonist nearly two years ago. Last fall, Amber resident Bobby Krum told the Quad-City Times he knew the tree's demise could someday come:

It is in the county right-of-way, so the county could cut it down anytime they wanted to. We’ve already decided that if something happens to it, we’re going to start another one.

I, for one, hope it doesn't come to that.

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