We found out this morning that the iconic Hula Hoop tree located just outside of Amber, Iowa on County Road E23 has been cut down. This comes as a surprise to many because, after safety discussions back in September, it was determined that the tree would not be removed. That all changed this week.

According to the Journal-Eureka, the Jones County Board of Supervisors discussed new concerns surrounding the tree at a meeting this past Tuesday, April 28th. The article states:

"Supervisor Jon Zirkelbach, who owns the land adjacent, said he had become concerned about public safety. He said over the previous weekend he noticed people gathering in tight groups, and they were not observing proper social distancing."

Jon also told Journal-Eureka that there have been people climbing his fence to get hula hoops. Previous concerns surrounding the tree include the cars parked on the side of the busy road, people running across the road, and the stability of the tree. The speed limit in the area was lowered to 35 mph back in early October, but the new concerns must have been enough to cause the Jones County Board of Supervisors to make a new decision regarding the fate of the tree.

The unofficial Amber, Iowa Hula Hoop Tree Facebook page posted a tribute to the newly-removed tree this morning:

In memory of the Jones County Hula Hoop Tree, feel free to share your photos with us in the comments below! Here's one I took last summer:


You can read more on the tree's removal HERE.

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