Who says there's nothing fun to do during the winter months?! A unique series of lighted attractions are set up in Iowa City for Winter Night Lights!

Winter Night Lights is located throughout the Ped Mall in Iowa City all month long and features "one-of-a-kind light-based installations and unique activations." The Facebook event page reads:

"The installation line-up will feature Ali Hval's Doodle Trees, downtown's annual Singing Trees, a new permanent 120-foot alley light "canopy," and internationally renowned artist Amanda Parer's Intrude bunny inflatable sculptures. This self guided experience will be open 24/7 for the community and visitors to enjoy at their own pace and are encouraged to come back time and time again."

The six inflatable bunny sculptures have come all the way from Australia and are spread across the Ped Mall, while the 120-foot light canopy is located in one of the alleys. The canopy will actually remain year-round and will be activated by sound. All six of the interactive “Singing Trees” are located along Dubuque Street, and the six "Doodle Trees" are also in the Dubuque Street area.

Iowa City's Winter Night Lights will be turned on nightly beginning at 5 p.m. from February 1st through February 28th. If you come check out the lights on one of the Fridays in February, you'll also have the option to participate in a Silent Disco. From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., you can come down to the Weatherdance Fountain Stage, grab a headset, and dance the night away!

For more information on Winter Night Lights in Iowa City, you can check out the official website HERE.

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