If you saw a red Camaro with a bleached, spiked-haired driver cruising around Cedar Rapids, you might just draw a crowd. Everyone loves cable TV's Food Network show sensation, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri.

As one might expect, every episode he shoots is a big deal for each featured business. The spotlight on the community is the kind of free marketing that makes a Chamber of Commerce member giddy. Besides, it’s just pretty cool to be featured, even if it is only for bragging rights.

So if Guy were to visit Cedar Rapids today, here are my Pick Five Choices for Cedar Rapids Restaurants that Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives should feature.

The new Crab Attack Cajun Seafood Shack 1117 1st Ave SE is an obvious choice. They opened up early 2020 with an impressive menu to some big crowds and great reviews.

Crab Attack Cajun Seafood Shack via Facebook

Leonardo’s Pizza and Restaurant on 16th Ave. SE. it’s genuine, it’s old school, and it’s pure Cedar Rapids. It’s perfect for a trip back in time. Nostalgic vibe, good comfort food. And Pizza.

Photo: M Ferris

Black Sheep Social Club 600 1st St., SE brings New American cuisine to downtown. Cool and breezy, it’s elegant industrial chic with an upscale menu. Just the right level of fancy for a blue-collar couple. Cool salads, and impressive entrees.

Black Sheep - Facebook

Tornadoes Grub and Pub 1600 3rd St. SE A lively little sports bar with all the essentials: burgers and beers. What more could you ask for? Extra napkin, maybe.


Lucita’s Diner 1110 1st St. SW this tiny Mexican diner sits in the shadow of Ingredion where C St intersects at 1st Ave. SW. It’s cozy, it’s casual. Nearby workers and neighbors stop in for a quick bite, and more will order delivery via Grubhub.

That's a tasty trip around Cedar Rapids, What are your Pick Five favorites? Tell us in the comments:

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