Cedar Rapids has long been home to an amazing selection of restaurants of all different types. Unfortunately, as time goes by, we lose many of our favorites for a variety of reasons. Here's five we miss the most.


A longtime tradition for many Cedar Rapids families, Bishop's Buffet introduced a generation to the joy a buffet's selection can offer. It first left Lindale Mall (2003), but that just meant a longer drive, for some, to the west side. Seven years ago, the doors closed at Westdale Mall, and as this poster said, an "icon" was gone.

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Vernon Inn

A personal favorite of mine (their Greek salad was AMAZING), it was a popular spot for more than three-and-a-half decades before closing its doors in May of 2012. There was a lot to like, including the roast lamb and the restaurant's very unique atmosphere. It's hard to believe it's already been almost four years since they closed the doors.

Cork 'n Fork

Another casualty on Mt. Vernon Road, it too was a mainstay for decades. The great food was served out of its relatively small location for 30 years. The economy took the blame for the closing of this favorite spot of lunch goers two years ago this month.

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Springhouse Restaurant

One of the longest-tenured restaurants in Cedar Rapids, it was working on year number 45 satisfying the palates of Eastern Iowans when the decision was made to close it in 2013.

The Springhouse's full menu from eggs and pancakes to fried chicken was not just a favorite, but a tradition:

Ellis A&W

Many people will say, Cedar Rapids still has an A&W (near the airport). Fair enough. However, there was only ONE Ellis A&W Drive-In.

Located not far from the Ellis Boat Harbor, its history was rich and the stories were many. Then the flood came. The community rallied hard to try and save her, but the 50+ year history and memories were demolished in 2013, some five years after she sat under water to her rooftop.

Do you have a favorite Cedar Rapids restaurant you miss? Add it to the comments below and reminisce with us.

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