Carrie Underwood recorded the new song "The Champion" for the National Football League in advance of last month's Super Bowl. The video for the song, also featuring Ludacris has been released and it includes the greatest new tradition in college football!

The "Kinnick Wave" appears in the new video at around the 2:15 mark, showing children and families inside the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital, as well as the fans inside Kinnick Stadium.

The new tradition, which won the Disney Spirit Award in its first season, has caught the hearts of people everywhere. When we posted our video of the very first wave at Kinnick Stadium in early September we received requests from as far away as Germany to use the video.

People at other games and in drinking establishments around the nation have joined in, not to mention the thousands of families who joined the wave each week in front of their own television sets.

Yes, the Kinnick Wave is yet another reason to look forward to the upcoming football season this fall.

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