A heartfelt tradition going on five years has spawned so much support across the state of Iowa and the country that a sports retailer in Iowa City who has benefited financially from it to an enormous degree is going to give back.


The original Iowa Wave Shirt went on sale in 2017, with a new design coming the following year, one year after the Iowa wave itself began. If by some chance you're not yet familiar, the "Iowa Wave" is a moment at the end of the first quarter of Iowa football games played at Kinnick Stadium, where those in attendance wave at the kids in the Stead Family Children's Hospital overlooking the stadium. The song featured is "Wave on Wave" by country artist Pat Green, and there was even an occasion where he performed it in person at Kinnick Stadium. It's a big deal, and a meaningful one for patients and their families.  

The founders of the shirt are now set to receive over $94,000 as a donation from a major retail partner, Scheels in Iowa City. Management there told KCRG:

Well, I think it tugs at all of our heartstrings that those of us who have kids or know of little ones who may have been sick or affected in some way shape or form that we at the university hospital. And so if we feel like we can contribute in any way possible, it’s a really good feeling

Since this is the milestone fifth anniversary of the tradition, KCRG also says the founders of the shirts will create another new design to celebrate the tradition's enduring spirit.

Here's to seeing the Iowa Wave continue to grow, with more and more community support behind it.

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