The first football game of the fall of 2017 will be remembered for the start of a new tradition inside Kinnick Stadium. The UI Stead Family Children's Hospital opened early this year, right across the street from the southeast side of the stadium. Saturday, when the first quarter concluded, Iowa fans waved to the kids and their families inside the hospital for the first time.

Many fans began waving immediately when the scoreboard showed all zeroes, indicating the end of the first quarter. They were a little early with their wave(s) as a prerecorded message would give instructions on when to do it. You can hear at least one fan in the video say, "We already did" when the video screen gave the command, to which another fan quickly said, "Do it again." The fans did just that:

The Iowa football team won despite turning the ball over four times Saturday, got beat in time of possession, but played lights out on defense against Wyoming quarterback and (I think) future NFL-star, Josh Allen. His talent was very clear to everyone inside Kinnick and watching on TV Saturday. I just kept thinking how smooth he was when the ball was in his hands. This day, though, belonged to the Hawkeyes and the kids inside the Children's Hospital.

The "wave" that goes around a stadium section by section with fans standing with their hands in the air is still neat to see but, for my money, the Kinnick Stadium wave is about the coolest I've ever seen. And to the families who hung signs in their kid's hospital room windows, that was cool too. We're thinking of you and if you're still there in two weeks, watch for that special wave again at the end of the first quarter.

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