The University of Iowa has revealed the song choice by this week's Kid Captain, Eve Jiminez. It speaks to the battle that she's waged against a rare illness. Not once, but twice.

Eve is from Davenport and was just four years old when one of her eyes began to droop. Her condition deteriorated and after multiple trips to a local hospital unable to provide a diagnosis, her parents took her to Iowa City. Eve was diagnosed with ADEM (acute disseminated encephalomyelitis), in which the immune system attacks the brain and sometimes the spinal cord and nerves. According to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital, it affects one in 125,000 to 250,000 people, and many times comes after an infection. Following treatments at the hospital, as well as at home, Eve recovered.

Early this year, Eve was stricken with the same disorder again, four years later. At the age of 8, this time she was flown to Iowa City. Doctors determined that Eve had a recurrence because she has a neurological disorder with inflammation in the brain, as well as the spinal cord, and optic nerve. Recovered once again, she now gets immune system treatments to prevent a relapse. Her story is one of amazing perseverance, and fight.

Eve has chosen "Believer" by Imagine Dragons as the song to accompany the Iowa Wave at the end of the first quarter of Saturday night's game against Nevada. The lyrics to the song include, "Singing from heartache from the pain; Taking my message from the veins; Speaking my lesson from the brain; Seeing the beauty through the pain; You made me a believer."

The Big Ten Network produced a 30-minute special on the very first Iowa Wave in September of 2017. It shows how the wonderful tradition got started. You can watch a preview of the special, which airs tonight at 9:30 on Big Ten Network, below. Here's video we shot from the stands at Kinnick Stadium on the day of that first wave:

You can see more on Eve's story here:

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