I'm not sure when Brothers Osborne first came on my musical radar, but I remember when they landed there to stay. As soon as I listened to their current album Port St. Joe, I was hooked. The songs are great and they all just seemed to flow together. It was one of my favorite albums of 2018. Then, I got to see John and T.J. live in concert at Riverside Casino. The boys can shred it live!

Whether it's their debut album Pawn Shop or their current radio single 'I Don't Remember Me Before You' I'm of fan of everything Brothers Osborne puts out! I tried to narrow down some of my favorites to a top five. It was tough, but here they are!

5. Pawn Shop - The title track to their debut full-length album talks about all the great things you can get in a pawn shop. It's seedy, bluesy and awesome!

4. Shoot Me Straight - Of their album Port St. Joe, this single was released to radio but the album version which features an extended guitar solo at the end is where it's at!

3. Shoot From the Hip - I first heard the brothers play this at their Riverside show and I wasn't familiar with it. It was on their debut EP and I've been a fan of it ever since!

2. Weed, Whiskey, and Willie - Another track from Port St. Joe, this song talks about the simple things in life that get you through the hard times. A slow jam to be sure.

1. Stay a Little Longer - Sure, it's one of their most popular songs but man I just have always loved the feel of this song and once again, the extended guitar solo at the end makes this an all-time great.


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