Yes, I'm a bit of a Star Wars nerd. But with all due respect to franchises like Harry Potter and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, no other movie franchise has had a bigger impact at the box office, or on pop culture. Since 1977 and the very first Star Wars movie, a galaxy far, far, away has captivated millions, including myself. And today, May 4th, we gather to celebrate all things Star Wars.

I've seen the movies, I've owned the toys. I look back on all the merchandise I had when I was a kid. Man, do I wish I'd saved all my action figures and toys! I played with them, but they were in decent shape. They'd be worth something today, that's for sure. I have very few original Star Wars toys left. One that I do have is the original Rancor monster from Return of the Jedi.

Ryan Brainard

At one point I think there was an Ewok stuck in him, but it seems to have been dislodged over the years. This is one of the few surviving toys to make it out alive and back into my hands as an adult. Looking back, I had the original action figures of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, R2-D2, C3PO and so many more. I wish I'd saved them.

One purchase that I made as an adult is the one toy I never had when I was a kid. I never had a toy lightsaber. Just after the last of the prequels came out, Best Buy was clearancing a lot of their Star Wars toys. One of them was the Force FX lightsaber collection. I purchased the Anakin Skywalker lightsaber for under $40. They originally retailed for nearly $100. Plus, it is the lightsaber with the most history. It was Anakin's before he lost it in his fight with Obi-Wan. He then gave it to Luke and then lost it when Darth Vader cut his hand off in Cloud City. Flash forward to The Force Awakens when Rey finds the lightsaber. She uses it in that film and in The Last Jedi. Told you I was a nerd.

Ryan Brainard

It's my favorite Star Wars toy of all time! It lights up with LED lights and has sensors in it that detects your movement and when you hit an object. They've stopped making these and I checked this week online, and they go for up to $300 on sites like eBay. I don't care. I'm not selling mine.

So on this May the 4th, watch a Star Wars movie. Play with your toys and your lightsaber. Listen to John Williams classic score over and over again. Enjoy it, because there is simply nothing quite like Star Wars. May the Force be with you!