May the 4th be with you! It's Star Wars day everyone! A day to celebrate the space saga the George Lucas kicked off back in 1977. It's the 40th anniversary of the original Star Wars film, now known as 'A New Hope'. If you're looking for ways to celebrate I know TNT is airing all the Star Wars movies in chronological order later on tonight! As a lifelong Star Wars fan, I've grown up with these movies and now get to see my kids enjoy them as well. So here are one Star Wars fan's rankings of all the movies we've got to enjoy so far!

  1. The Empire Strikes Back - Every best of list starts with Empire. You actually feared the Empire. Vader was still a badass. And the movie features one of the greatest movie twists of all time. 'I am your father....' Chills every time!

2. A New Hope - I'm going with the original here. Released in 1977 it changed the way movies were made. It changed the way special effects were done. It introduced us to a host of amazing characters and possibly the greatest movie villain of all time!

3. Revenge of the Sith - While not great, this is the best of Lucas' prequels. It does a fairly decent job of tying up the loose ends of the prequel trilogy and getting is ready for 'A New Hope'. Yes, Anakin is still whiny and his change to the dark side still happens too quickly, but the duel with Obi-Wan on Mustafar and donning his Vader gear for the first time is worth it.

4. Rogue One - The first stand-alone Star Wars movie. I liked Rogue One a lot. It was a little short on character development but featured some amazing scenes.Jinn Erso was a great and strong female lead character and the movie dovetails perfectly into 'A New Hope'. And what about that Vader scene at the end! Pure Star Wars magic!

5. Return of the Jedi - The third film in the original trilogy showed the first signs of Lucas taking things too far. Ewoks anyone? While I didn't mind them in the film, they certainly couldn't take down a legion of stormtroopers, right? The film's ending was good, with Vader's story arc being completed and the Emperor meeting his doom.

6. The Force Awakens - I liked a lot about this movie. Seeing old characters again. The new characters Rey and Finn. This movie even had the gall to kill off Han Solo! But it felt too much like a revamp of 'A New Hope'. Plus, talk about a whiny villain. Kylo Ren isn't dark, he's depressed and moody and acts like a spoiled brat. I have a lot of hope for 'The Last Jedi' and a much darker vision for him and the movie series as a whole.

7. The Phantom Menace - Many people say this film is the worst. Yes, Jar Jar does his damage here and the plot features a trade frightening! But it does feature a badass villain in Darth Maul and Liam Neeson as Qui Gon Jin. Bad? Yes. The worst? Not quite.

8. Attack of the Clones - With all due respect to those who hate Jar Jar Binks enough to rate 'The Phantom Menace' as the worst of the worst, there is something that bothers me even more than that. Horrible dialogue. And 'Attack of the Clones' is one of the poorest written movies I've ever seen. IMO, this film has no redeemable qualities. Anakin is whiny and annoying. His love affair with Padme is forced and their dialogue is BRUTAL. I will not watch this film.

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