I remember when I discovered that I was going bald. It's never a great moment for a guy. I had thick hair for most of my life. I never thought it would leave me. But when it showed signs of leaving, I took action. After one of our radiothons for CMN, I had my head shaved. I thought it looked pretty good, and my wife agreed. So, with some help from a bald friend, I shaved my head with a razor the next day. I've been bald ever since.

Here's some more good news for anyone dreading the switch to baldness. A study has found that bald men are often more intelligent, successful and masculine. The research was conducted by the University of Pennslyvania, and yes, the researcher was bald. I hope that doesn't bias the findings. Regardless, it found that baldness makes a statement about a man. It says you've done something active. Bald men are typically older and therefore are often seen by women as more intelligent and wiser, as well as more successful.

There is a catch, though. This doesn't apply to bald SPOTS. Guys, you've got to get out the straight edge and go hairless. Male pattern baldness is seen as weaker and less attractive. Listen, I'm not going to sit here and say that bald is always beautiful. I'm lucky my head is proportionately shaped and isn't filled with divots. But to anyone hanging on to those last few hairs. Be bold and go bald!


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