If you're still looking for love, you might just be living in the wrong city! According to a couple of new studies from LendingTree, Des Moines is one of the best cities for singles... men AND women!

The company looked at 100 of the biggest cities in the U.S. to determine which ones were the best and worst for single people. Let's start with the ladies!

The study says that Madison, Wisconsin is the absolute best city for single women, while Bakersfield, California came in dead LAST. Des Moines came in at number 15, doing great in the categories of "wellbeing" and "safety," but not doing so hot in "culture & entertainment."

Moving onto the men, Madison, Wisconsin was also the top city, but the worst city was different from the women: Memphis, Tennessee. Des Moines is city number 18 on the list, doing well and no-so-well in the same categories as the women.

You can read more on the single women's list HERE, and the single men's list HERE!

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