Ask anyone, man or woman, and they'll tell you that beards are in. They've been a popular trend for several years now. Whether it's a well kept length or down to your chest, a bearded man is a manly man! But a new trend started to crop up in late 2020 and has now become all the rage in 2021. We proudly present, the Monkey Tail beard!

So how do you achieve the Monkey Tail look? According to, the Monkey Tail beard is done by shaving off one side of the face, so the beard swoops down from sideburns down into the mustache. The look appears to curl up like guessed it...a monkey's tail. Here are a few examples.

I've had a beard for quite awhile now. Mainly to cover up my numerous chins gained during quarantine binge eating. I've let mine grow long, but right now have a closely cropped goatee. To me, the Monkey Tail is just a novelty. Is anyone really going to seriously rock that style for a month? I don't think I could make it a week with that thing on my face. I know my wife certainly wouldn't approve!

We'll have to see if the trend sticks, or if it is the first style of 2021 to come and go quickly. Grab yourself a Monkey Tail quick before they're gone!

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