Who knew that Iowans were so concerned about male fashion?

'Hater' isn't your typical dating app. Instead of matching you with people based on your likes, they match you with people based on your DISLIKES. They apparently do this because people who hate the same thing often form a strong bond.

Hater took a look at their user data to determine the most hated thing from each state, and the results are pretty interesting. What do people in Iowa hate the most? Guys with long hair! Personally, I don't hate long hair on guys. As long as it's clean and doesn't smell weird, we're all good! I always thought Jake Owen looked great with long hair...

Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images
Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images

Here are some of the most hated things in surrounding states, according to the data:

  • Wisconsin - Trap Music
  • Illinois - Biting String Cheese
  • Missouri - People Who Believe in Aliens
  • Nebraska - Friendly Reminder Emails
  • South Dakota - The New York Times
  • Minnesota - Drinking Alone

Check out the rest of the map HERE.

[Via Buzzfee

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