In 1895, inspired by the art showcased at the 1893, World’s Colombian Exposition, Cedar Rapids community leaders formed an art club. By 1905, they acquired a gallery in the Carnegie Library and became the Cedar Rapids Art Association. Notable artists like Grant Wood and Marvin Cone were active members. Renamed the Cedar Rapids Art Center in the 1960s, it gained accreditation in 1981. In 1989, it moved to the renovated Carnegie building. The museum received Grant Wood's original studio in 2002.

What's the big deal?

Thinking Big: Explore the Power of Scale, an exhibition showcasing monumental artworks from the permanent collection. Delve into the impact of Large-Scale Art, where size transforms space.  The exhibit begins June 8, and runs through September 15, 2024.

Julia Jessen, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions said of this exhibit "Large-scale artwork is striking not only for its size but also for the power it conveys through its magnitude.  These artworks grab attention and demand contemplation and greater time spent in front of the artwork.

The size of an artwork impacts how the viewer interacts with the piece, but it can also affect the way the artist creates the work.  Woklring at different scales means artists must move their bodies in different ways as they make an artwork.  Scale can establish an entirely different relationship between artists and their creations, and this translates to how viewers understand the work.

This exhibition, drawn from the permanent collection, invites exploration of the effects artists can achieve by working big.  Taken together, these artworks demonstrate the artists' powerful ideas expressed through striking proportions".

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Large is not the only scale they offer

Tiny Wonders: Small-scale works from the collection run through September 1, 2024. Experience the Magnitude of Miniature: An Exhibition showcasing small-scale artworks from the collection. Discover how working on a small canvas amplifies attention to detail, Drawing the viewer into unseen realms of a scene or object. These petite masterpieces foster intimate connections, provoking emotions that transcend their size.

The Museum is FREE during these days.

The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art is thrilled to unveil its 15th annual Free Summer Community Accessibility Program. Starting Tuesday, July 2nd, the CRMA opens its doors to all visitors at no cost.

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